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Swipe Industrial Interfaces to Mobile Devices


Connecting Vet Clinics

Veterinarians are demanding to have data from every aspect of their practices available to them in real-time from anywhere. To that end, Abaxis partnered with Opentrends back in 2015 to simplify the information exchange through a hub, receiving and sending data.

Opentrends created an innovative data visualization tool accessible from any device. It serves as a link between different medical equipment pieces that communicate by medical protocols.


FUSE is an innovative data visualization tool accessible from any device.

FUSE is a web-based package that allows veterinarians to present diagnostic data to pet owners in an easy-to-understand format. A single, complete and reliable tool for all testing needs.


Worldwide User Research by Fail Fast Studio

Observation and contextual interviews in the different UK and U.S. vet clinics were the main methods Opentrends used to gather all necessary information on the clinics' professionals and customers. As a result, we identified the challenges to enhancing user understanding, product unpacking and onboarding, and contributed to the future product roadmap.

With these insights, we created a powerful web-based integration system that connects medical diagnostic systems and laboratory devices. Added value: FUSE provides connectivity between the point of care diagnostic instruments and the veterinary practice management systems.




How to connect to legacy instruments in clinics

Medical Practice Management Software (PMS) is a healthcare software category dealing with medical practice daily operations. These platforms can be found at any medical center, they can connect services among different pieces of analytical equipment, and are able to store large amounts of data.

Opentrends has created a concentrator for US Abaxis that communicates bidirectionally with the PMS. The main goal is to store everything, from medical records all the way to administrative documents. It allows you to view and manage information from any portable device. Wherever you are, whenever you want.


Coherence between channels

With FUSE we simplify what's complex, thanks to a comprehensive UI design. Our hub generates newly added-value services for healthcare centers: preventive equipment maintenance, user interaction, elaboration of control panels, and statistics/trend analysis.