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EDT: Democrats Could Take 3 Senate Seats from the GOP

Press Release

Election Digital Trends releases the latest social media data on Senate races.


  • Social media analytics show Democrats could take 3 Senate seats from the GOP, while the GOP could flip one Democratic seat. 
  • Global software house Opentrends, Inc. has developed a modern and technological alternative to ratings, polling or campaign spending through its free portal
  • The data is a new way to look at election data, addressing poll shortcomings by providing a clear and evolving picture of a candidate’s popularity and overall enthusiasm for a particular ticket.



PALO ALTO, Calif. – October 13, 2020 – International digital transformation firm Opentrends, Inc. has launched a free portal ElectionDigitalTrends, which releases social media analytics on 20 select Senate candidates. The candidates belong to 10 toss-up races. 

The selected races are AZ, CO, GA (Perdue-Ossoff), IA, ME, MI, MN, MT, NC and SC. Data shows the challenging Democrats in AZ, CO and GA (Perdue-Ossoff) are consistently ahead in the social media metrics of the total number of followers and weekly follower growth. This trend could indicate that they will take the seats from incumbent Republicans. Only one race, MI shows a challenging Republican ahead of an incumbent Democrat. 

The most popular candidate on social media has consistently won the race for the White House since 2008, regardless of polling, ratings, or spending data indicators. In this election cycle, recent data gathered reveals a close contest in terms of daily growth and engagement. And while President Donald Trump remains the most popular candidate on Twitter, he cements his success with Facebook more than any other platform. Alternately, Democrats lead consistently in daily follower growth and engagement, except for the immediate days following Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis. 

ElectionDigitalTrends is a revolution on social media activity measurements, as it tracks in a technologically advanced way follower growth and engagement activity on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram platforms. The portal data addresses a shortcoming in using traditional ratings patterns, polling and campaign spending measurements and provides an edge to professionals tracking electoral content. 

ElectionDigitalTrends is an essential tool considering that 171 million U.S. adults devote considerable time daily to social media while interacting with friends, family, brands, organizations, celebrities, and political leaders.“If measured well, social media data provides a very good insight on what people actually like and care about,” says Opentrends, Inc. CEO Mr. Xavier Buscalla. 

When considering how unreliable the polls conducted over the last 2 election cycles have been, Opentrends worked to develop a portal to provide more relevant digital data when compared to traditional ratings. “We already do it for our clients, so we thought we had to do it for the public on something as important as an election” says Opentrends, Inc. Chief Strategy Officer  Anselm Bossacoma, underlining Opentrends civic commitment. 

Updated daily, ElectionDigitalTrends launched on September 29, just ahead of the first Presidential Election debate, displaying retroactive data as far back as September 7. The platform also plans to release information on toss-up House races soon. 



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Opentrends, Inc. is an international digital transformation firm with clients such as Sony, Fujitsu, BBVA, Grifols, Mitsubishi Electric, Volkswagen, Honda, and other Fortune 500 companies. Located in Palo Alto, Barcelona, Madrid, and Kerala, Opentrends provides software development, as well as integration, implementation, and adoption of advanced technological solutions. 


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