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Adaptive learning EdTech solutions

Adaptive learning is a combination of AI, ML and other technologies that help educators provide learners with scaled individualized support to address their needs and help them deepen their understanding of the curriculum.

Making the Tech in EdTech work

At SEIDOR Opentrends, we encourage adaptive learning and seamless educational content dissemination through educational technology. Our EdTech services address the development, implementation, and adoption challenges met by most institutions that are making a digital transformation.

Clients work with an Agile Transformative Team in designing, building, and implementing user-centric strategies that focus on scalability, evolution and integrability.

Technology has made education more accessible and flexible to a wider audience. Improve your learning options by making sure the end users have a continuously experiential understanding of lectures and lessons.


SEIDOR Opentrends EdTech expertise and capabilities

Our expertise is grounded in knowledge and experiences related to eLearning, eReference, and eTraining. Having served some of the world’s top educational institutions, our teams are experts in resolving the complexities specific to education’s multi-user environment.

SEIDOR Opentrends EdTech services include:

  • Design and development end2end market-leading LMS and LXP solutions

Combining strong analytics capabilities, our solutions deployed in cloud technology take advantage of xAPI ecosystem and predictive learning analytics to support effective decision making, drive higher success rates and improve student engagement.

  • EdTech interoperability and enhanced eLearning solutions

We have a deep understanding of the IMS Global protocols (including LTI, Common Cartridge, OneRoster) and ADL Initiative (SCORM) standards which are key to maximizing interoperability. We are experts at integrating within the LMS and SIS environments a multitude of cutting-edge tools such as VR/AR, collaborative platforms, virtual classrooms, content generation apps, proctoring or grading/testing systems to name a few.

  • Innovative student experience and adaptive learning solutions

We are committed to our client’s business outcomes and end-user satisfaction. Our award-winning experience design and UI teams transform and adapt traditional learning tools into digital and user-centric training experiences. We create and develop customized tools for adaptive learning models fostering a longer lifecycle, greater efficiency and impact.

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SEIDOR Opentrends EdTech ecosystem support

edtech solutions ecosystem suport for SEIDOR Opentrends

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Some EdTech client stories

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For 12+ years SEIDOR Opentrends has supported the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), the top online university in LATAM and beyond. We led the evolution of their online learning portal into a responsive LMS platform. The solution included personalized content display based on usability; biometric data; eProctoring and VNEXT technologies using face recognition for onboarding and tests.

World’s first 100% Online Open University evolved

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Creation of experiential digital assets expanding the elevator IoT Certification Program. We developed the eLearning version of the enablement program and saved the company content management time with dissemination, as well as positively impacting recruitment and certification rates. Download case study

Leading electrical & electronic manufacturer expands enablement tools and secures future growth

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Ideation, design and deployment of an end-to-end LMS platform to support new digital learning methodologies for K-12 education. A 15 person team built and launched an MVP in 14 months. The solution includes an online classroom management system with a completely new engagement approach that incorporates interactive content developed from SEIDOR Opentrends’ end-user and market research. Case Study

A new state-of-the-art eLearning system with focus on teacher experience

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SEIDOR Opentrends designed, developed and migrated IESE alumni portal and apps into a full new virtual learning platform. The new solution provides its 50K+ students access to targeted online learning materials and virtual events. IESE’s management not only saw portal & app functionality upgrades but also superior system performance and their long-term growth plans realized.

World’s top MBA School goes fully digital

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We supported Barça Foundation’s inclusion project in Japan to overcome COVID19’s remote learning requirements. We led the ideation and migration of the special courses into eLearning methods in just 2 months. The tool allowed students with disabilities to start their course on time remotely. We implemented disability learning aids, as well as included the SCORM package standard for interoperability.

Keeping students with disabilities enrolled during COVID-19’s remote learning

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Development and improvement of Madrid’s eLearning solution based on Cornerstone. LMS platform upgrade by integrating with education partners such as content managers and creators resulting in highly efficient delivery of continuous education and training.

A government embraces eLearning for its employees

Realize your EdTech plans today.

FAQs about adaptive learning EdTech solutions

How to foster adaptive learning in your institution?

Adaptive learning and seamless content delivery are fostered through education technology to help provide scaled, individualized support to enhance the education experience.

How to implement adaptive learning strategies?

Adaptive learning strategies are powered through AI and implemented by an agile transformative team who designed and developed with a focus on scalability, evolution and integrability.

What do EdTech Services include?

EdTech services include the design and development of end-to-end LMS and LXP solutions, combined with strong analytical capabilities and solutions implemented in the cloud, leveraged by the xAPI ecosystem.