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Brick and Mortar & eCommerce Solutions

Digitize brick and mortar means enabling retailers to generate business models that engage the customer digitally in ways that drive mutually beneficial relationships. Done correctly, buyers receive timely and personalized offers across channels, and retailers benefit from an additional digital revenue stream.

Making retail amplify eCommerce

As brick and mortar face challenges due to shifts in consumers' lifestyle and purchasing habits, retailers must embrace business models that engage the customer digitally, while transforming the physical store into an experience.

This inspires SEIDOR Opentrends to digitize brick and mortar stores through a balanced combination of IT infrastructure modernization, IoT software development and omnichannel customer experience. All these are neatly tied together by our Agile Transformative TaaS (Team as a Service). 

From multi-channel buying experiences to last-mile delivery solutions, we help reimagine the online and in-store consumer experience to create more engaging and intimate hybrid shopping experiences.

Our Agile Transformative TaaS combine multidisciplinary technology specialists who collaborate with our award-winning FailFastTM design thinking lab to create end-to-end memorable on-site and virtual experiences that put retailers at the forefront of their industry.

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SEIDOR Opentrends retail & eCommerce expertise and capabilities

Our expertise is grounded in knowledge and experience having helped mid-size to billion-dollar brick and mortars harness the great potential of digital innovation. We execute agile transformation from conceptualization, service design, architecture, development, quality testing to continuous delivery. Our teams are experts in integrating and modernizing mission-critical and payment systems with the highest security standards, and providing high-value impact across brand and user experiences.

Here’s how SEIDOR Opentrends can help digitize brick and mortar companies:

Smart store solutions and infrastructure modernization

Retail IT infrastructure modernization through flexible cloud hosting technologies to achieve operation speed, agility and greater cost-effectivity. 

We develop IoT solutions across devices and smart apps to leverage data analytics for better decision-making. Our IoT software development service includes custom software for self-service and cashless solutions, smart labeling/tagging, and inventory data tracking.

Seamless omnichannel development solutions 

Customers face a multitude of options to establish contact with a brand and have high expectations for quality, regardless of how or when they make contact.

Being extremely well-versed in platform interoperability, we develop native, mobile web and portal applications, headless CMS and digital experience platforms (DXP). These can integrate with omnichannel payment solutions across platforms, chatbots and AI virtual assistants to facilitate a hybrid shopping experience and deliver a seamless personalized service.

Individualize digital experiences across all channels with effective UX/UI

Our award-winning experience design, user research and UI teams ideate with you to re-imagine the in-store experience or re-purpose the physical store space, maximize your customer value and improve its retention.

Through a user-centric approach and service design, we transform monolithic products such as CMS or isolated eCommerce into new digital immersive experience platforms with techniques such as 360 end-user-view, VR & AR, storytelling strategy and take into account your brand voice tone, user preferences and business goals.

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SEIDOR Opentrends brick and mortar and eCommerce ecosystem support

SEIDOR opentrends retail ecosystem expertise and partner support

Some brick and mortar and eCommerce client stories

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Our conversational and transactional app powered by HubtypeTM integration decreased 40% call center cases and reached 80% response automation accuracy. We applied storytelling, tone of voice and visual design to create the app, which is fully integrated with the client's website and also runs through instant messaging. The app has NLP capabilities and enables intelligent handover to a live agent only when necessary.

World’s top fashion retailer brand increases 4x customer problem resolution

supermarket mobile app screens mockup by SEIDOR Opentrends

Following SEIDOR Opentrends’ proprietary 4 Dimensions of digital product development, we redesigned major supermarket chain's mobile app and rolled out the first MVP in just 18 weeks. We applied Modular Web Design and developed enhanced online shopping, targeted product-user discounts, in-store games with rewards, smart shopping lists, personalization, recipe lists, and enabled in-store product QR codes.

Supermarket chain boosts customer loyalty & gains in-store visibility with gamified experience

person wearing white nike sneakers

Our client specializes in exclusive and limited-edition sneakers and fashion. In 2015 our multidisciplinary teams led the website redesign for eCommerce in Adobe Magento and its implementation. The eCommerce platform integrates with the client’s Openbravo ERP which stores logistics management and stock inventory data. With features like wishlist, geolocation, product recommendations, latest products viewed and a payment gateway Adyen and Paypal, our client hosts more than 22K products and has seen a consistent increase in online sales since its launch.

New look for a Sporting goods fashion retailer

two real estate professionals talking in the street

Digital evolution of our client’s approach to physical space rental services. Design and development of a new user-centered eCommerce platform based on microservices supporting the entire purchasing cycle, material acquisition and management services through an integrated decoupled back-office. SEIDOR Opentrends’ lean methodology allowed for a 3-month MVP deployment. The client benefits from a customizable and flexible platform.

Headless eCommerce for European real estate event management firm

woman holding phone in the street

Native mobile app design ideation and development to significantly improve after-sales customer service and interactions. We studied the usability of the target segment and upgraded the app with chat functionalities to communicate with the automaker’s customer managers with the end-user. Users appreciated the highly differentiated service experience and developed positive sentiment towards the automaker’s brand. Case Study

Upgrade of major carmaker's service network Mobile App

hands holding tablet showing online fruits purchase

After a usability study, we developed and implemented a digital experience platform along with a customer loyalty mobile app. The solution provides a seamless and direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel between the supermarket and its end-users. We used spring boot/spring cloud as a microservices framework to quickly build the apps and gain time-to-market.

Adapting billion-dollar supermarket chain to Liferay DXP

wine barrels line up at a winery

SEIDOR Opentrends developed an app using WebDAV protocol that allows winery sales reps to present the product’s catalog via iPad while providing highly secure access to corporate applications and business documents. The solution integrates with Microsoft SharePoint file system (authenticated by users), synchronizes remote documents and allows for encrypted secure offline storage.

Sonoma-based Winery implements digital tools for its sales channels and saves printing costs

AR game screen mockup by SEIDOR Opentrends

Creation and development of an AR mobile app game aiming to attract younger generations to digitally purchase organic wines and olive oils. Users interact with a 3D motion wheel, taking on several challenges while discovering product attributes. The winery saw huge user engagement rates, positively impacting product sales.

AR gamification for boutique winery making 1,174 annual cases

convention center mobile app mock up by SEIDOR Opentrends

In 2016 we developed and implemented the first event app with a contactless badge using NFC technology for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. The app included LinkedIn sign-in integration, smart indoor mapping, omnisearch with an advanced search tool and offline mode options. Also, smart foodservice info board with waiting times at concessions, and quick lunch recommendation options based on geolocation, current capacity and preferences. The app integrated a payment system through Paypal or credit card and allowed for quick touchless pay.

Barcelona Convention Center provides cutting-edge experience to 100k+ attendees

cheese platter

Design and develop a new portal website, along with product landings following a branded content strategy. SEIDOR Opentrends multidisciplinary team provided the strategic vision to create and execute the client’s new digital ecosystem: web, social media, content creation and video shooting production. The client is now able to provide their customers a hybrid experience — physical stores are still an important incoming revenue flow, but the online presence supports their brand, engages customers, expands sales through e-commerce and provides digital marketing opportunities. 

Brand digitization for a 17 retail store cheese co-op

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FAQs about brick and mortar & eCommerce solutions

How to make retail amplify eCommerce?

To make retail amplify eCommerce retailers must embrace business models that engage the customer digitally while transforming the physical store into an experience.

How agencies like Seidor Opentrends help amplify eCommerce?

Digital agencies like Seidor Opentrends can digitize brick-and-mortar stores through a balanced combination of IT infrastructure modernization, IoT software development and omnichannel customer experience.

What do Agile Transformative Teams bring to brick and mortar challenges?

A combination of technologists, designers, researchers and growth strategists who create end-to-end memorable on-site and virtual experiences that put retailers ahead of the curve.