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Accelerate your Digital Transformation through Cloud AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Tired of scattered knowledge, slow content creation, and untapped opportunities? Our cloud AI-powered services are engineered to deliver quick wins and expedite your digital transformation journey, empowering you to innovate, optimize efficiencies, and securely scale your operations.

Unlike traditional AI approaches, our focus on Cloud AI unlocks a unique advantage. Major cloud providers have invested heavily in pre-trained AI models, allowing us to leverage that power and fast-track your AI adoption.

AI Attaintable Outcomes

Decision-making leaders navigate key challenges to unlock AI's true Return On Investment (ROI) and ensure responsible integration. We're committed to delivering tangible, real-world results with our cloud AI solutions, including:

* Streamlined Operations: Automate repetitive tasks, amplify efficiency, and liberate resources for strategic initiatives.

* Data-Driven Decisions: Extract deeper insights from your data, enabling informed, data-backed choices.

* Predictive Analytics: Forecast future trends and proactively address challenges before they arise.

* Enhanced Customer Experience: Personalize interactions, anticipate needs and exceed customer expectations at every touchpoint.

Empowered Knowledge Management: Simplify information capture, streamline knowledge sharing, and mitigate knowledge loss with Generative AI.


AI nutshell concept


Generative AI: The Growth Engine Across Industries

This revolutionary technology supercharges businesses and unlocks new possibilities. Discover the benefits we can help you achieve:

  • Personalized Customer Journey: Craft AI chatbots, recommendation engines, and targeted content for a frictionless, hyper-personalized customer experience.
  • Generated Content at Speed of Light: Free up teams with compelling AI-powered text, music, and digital art creation for marketing, training, and sales.
  • Unleashed Employee Potential: Automate mundane tasks to enable employees to focus on high-impact activities, such as creative problem-solving, strategic planning, and nurturing customer relationships.
  • Broken Down Knowledge Silos & Sales Boost: Build a unified AI knowledge hub with your proprietary information for faster onboarding and empowered sales teams.
  • New Digital Revenue Streams: Explore innovative AI-powered business models like subscriptions, data monetization, and AI-as-a-service through our proprietary Design Thinking and Service Design sessions.
There has never been a time when the AI can do more for every industry.
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Custom Cloud AI Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every business is unique. Our AI strategists, designers, and engineers collaborate with you to understand your challenges and goals. Together, we'll craft a custom Cloud AI strategy designed to maximize your organizational impact. The question isn't whether AI can transform your business; it's how.

Custom Cloud AI Services: 


  • Readiness assessment

  • Data governance

  • Use case identification

  • PoC plan and deliver


  • Product selection

  • Solution architecture

  • Roadmap and integration timeline


  • Prompt Engineering

  • RAG and Model fine-tunning

  • Model upgrade (semantic search parameterization, multimodal, scoring and chunking, +other)

  • APIs integration

Why SEIDOR Opentrends is Your AI Partner of Choice

SEIDOR Opentrends is uniquely positioned to support your digital transformation AI projects. Our capabilities span across various domains, including:

Excel in designing and deploying cloud-agnostic IT infrastructure for AI-responsible deployments and dynamic business needs. High level of expertise in designing modular and efficient architectures based on PaaS and serverless components across multiple sectors. 

Experienced development teams specialize in crafting custom software solutions that align with business objectives and drive AI attainable outcomes.

Our AI-driven automation solutions have helped organizations streamline workflows, reduce manual intervention, and optimize resource utilization.

End-to-End Support
We provide comprehensive support throughout your AI journey, from initial consultation to implementation and ongoing optimization. Our work covers strategy, design, and build. 

Proven Track Record
Pioneered Generative AI deployments across various sectors for public and internal company use cases, driving business breakthrough results (enhanced information share and management, improved customer service, and operational efficiency).


Ready to explore AI's potential for your business? 

Your organization may evaluate how they can use generative AI to deliver business value and remain competitive.
Assess your readiness and kickstart your journey toward AI implementation today with our AI Self-Assessment Template.

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Strong AI Ecosystem: Why Our Partners Matter

We believe in AI’s transformative power, but achieving exceptional results requires collaboration. That’s why we forge strategic alliances with industry leaders like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Stratio and more. Our deep market knowledge ensures we select partners that solve your pain points and align with your goals. Leveraging combined expertise, we deliver cutting-edge AI solutions seamlessly implemented to scale with your success. Find out more

Our Cloud AI Client Stories

Explore a selection of our client stories to see the impact of our AI solutions.

professional woman doing lab research

Spain's top nutritional products leader leverages a proprietary AI-powered knowledge hub to unlock hidden insights from pharmaceutical data. This empowers them to make data-driven decisions and craft winning business strategies for a healthier tomorrow.

AI-driven Pharma Business Insights

woman walking typing her phone with wired headphones on

The Open University of Catalonia (UOC) introduced a natural language understanding AI chatbot, simplifying program exploration. Integrated with AWS Kendra and OpenAI API, it effortlessly guides users through diverse program offerings, easing navigation on UOC's website.

Pioneered AI Chatbot Simplifies UOC Course Search


A laundry equipment manufacturer operating 6 manufacturing plants in Spain, France, and China, optimized information retrieval using generative AI. This knowledge hub, powered by natural language processing, enables quick access to manuals and machine repair details, enhancing customer experience.

AI's Impact on Self-Service Laundromats

Shipyard Cargo Container Sea Port Freight forwarding service log

Barcelona's cargo port has embraced voice-enabled kiosks powered by Google Assistant Dialogflow (Google Cloud AI), revolutionizing logistics with intuitive communication. These kiosks optimize workflows, improve staff retention, and reduce turnaround times for truck drivers in maritime operations.

Logistics: Streamlining Cargo Port Operations

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