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Data Insights and Cloud Technology

Cloud technology enables organizations to digitally transform their business by optimizing costs, increasing efficiency, and driving innovation to create new value.


Journey to Cloud and Architecture Optimization

Seidor Opentrends offers a comprehensive "Journey to Cloud" service that enables companies to transition their IT infrastructure and operations to cloud-based solutions, accelerating their digital transformation journey. This service solution covers cloud adoption, migration, and implementation.

Our experts leverage their extensive knowledge and experience in cloud technologies to design and implement a scalable, reliable, cost-effective cloud solution that meets each organization's unique needs. We specialize in multi-cloud solutions, cloud-native technologies, and cloud architectures based on microservices, taking advantage of the PaaS elements of partner vendors such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. We achieve productivity perfection through these technologies with the help of data insights and analytics.

By choosing ''Journey to Cloud'' with us, you enhance agility, streamline operations, and utilize cloud-based tools and technologies to stay ahead of the competition.


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Quality Assurance

Every solution we build goes through a rigorous quality process. Our wide range of QA services is always adapted to exceed your needs. We establish solid testing processes that focus on increasing the quality of the products and optimizing the software development life cycle. The result is a tailored improvement plan with short-, medium-, and long-term objectives, improving product outcomes and reducing market time.



Scalable and Reliable Cloud Technology Solutions

  • Cloud-native and modular applications

  • Backend Platforms

  • Framework Development

  • Embedded Linux development

  • DevOps consulting services and CI/CD pipeline

  • Cloud Computing

  • Quantum computing blockchain security

  • Digital QA strategy & testing

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A few client stories:

  • SEIDOR Opentrends' architecture solutions involve defining and implementing architectures, project engineering guidelines, and workflows. These solutions allowed a top Spanish bank to create, manage, and assemble multi-provider projects independently in the early stages of the project. The bank benefited from sharing libraries and services through our architecture integration APIS. Read more CASE STUDY


  • SEIDOR Opentrends is the trusted provider of mobile applications and backend systems for the World Congress hosting over 100,000 attendees with international projection yearly. We implement all the necessary systems to support yearly high-volume global attendee peaks. Check out CASE STUDY.


  • Thingtia is SEIDOR Opentrends' IoT SaaS platform. It is based on the open-source Sentilo standard and can control thousands of sensors simultaneously. Currently, it runs over one billion data messages. See our CASE STUDY.


  • Implementation of openFrame, SEIDOR Opentrends J2EE framework. It is fully integrated with infrastructure and business services led by the City of Barcelona: SMS, geolocation, registration activities, map servers and data capture, among others.


  • We defined and implemented Java architecture for an important public transport institution, TMB. We also collaborated with TMB in the renovation of its billing system.


  • We developed an application for Senior Officials at the Barcelona City Council to receive requests for document signatures in a single centralized point.

Looking to transform your business with high-quality, scalable, and reliable digital solutions?

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FAQs about Data Insights and Cloud Technology Services

What are the benefits of cloud technology for businesses?

Cloud technology offers several benefits for businesses, including cost optimization, increased efficiency, and the ability to drive innovation and create new value. It allows organizations to transition their IT infrastructure to cloud-based solutions, enabling digital transformation and providing agility, streamlined operations, and access to cloud-based tools and technologies.

What types of cloud solutions does Seidor Opentrends specialize in?

Seidor Opentrends specializes in multi-cloud solutions, cloud-native technologies, and cloud architectures based on microservices. We leverage partner vendors such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to design and implement scalable, reliable and cost-effective cloud solutions tailored to each organization's unique needs.

What are the benefits of using data insights and cloud technology services?

Leveraging data insights and cloud technology services efficiently scales resources, ensures data security, and empowers organizations to extract valuable insights. This fosters data-driven decision-making, encourages innovation, and minimizes maintenance costs.