Agile Transformative Teams as a Service

Agile Transformative Teams is a proprietary put-together multidisciplinary team composed of experienced engineers, designers, researchers and growth strategists ready to tackle any digital transformation project. Seidor Opentrends offers more engagement models. 


Innovate faster with Plug-And-Play Agile Transformative Teams

Between hiring and outsourcing, there's Agile Transformative Teams as a Service (TaaS). SEIDOR Opentrends is the first digital transformation firm to offer modular plug & play agile transformative teams as a service, delivering faster technological outcomes at scale.

100+ global companies across industries rely on plug-and-play teams to design, develop, and deploy software innovations. Our Agile Transformative Teams are cross-functional and well-versed in various technologies, accustomed to working within the complexities of larger organizations. They embrace the Agile philosophy, delivering results from the first sprint and outperforming traditional approaches while driving internal teams into Agile.

Agile transformation is critical for companies to stay competitive. We have been actively implementing the DevOps culture to enhance our clients' production processes. Our unique approach emphasizes the integration of Dev (QA) Ops to achieve fast deliveries while ensuring top-notch quality. By breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration between teams, we create a virtuous cycle that fosters a continuous feedback loop with clients, identifying areas for improvement in development, testing, and deployment.

Developing relevant products relies on aligned, self-managed and cross-functional teams. Our flexible and scalable service model allows a team to grow (or scale back) as a project dictates.


How to set up an Agile Transformative Team?

four set-up steps to create SEIDOR Opentrends Agile Transformative Teams

Flexible and scalable agile transformative model

Supplied with our diverse wealth of globally located talent, your company benefits from our recruiting and retention capabilities. Integrating our plug & play teams into existing infrastructure allows to:

  • Maximize team efficiency - you drive your goals, we manage the team.
  • Confidently oversee the project utilizing a high level of operational transparency via performance dashboards and adaptable agile (Scrum) methodologies.
  • Dramatically reduce overall investment in IT-related costs (e.g. HR, IT/hardware, UX/UI lab, QA and other infrastructure). 

This is the same approach we successfully apply in all of our collaborations across different verticals. Recognized for their capabilities, ability, flexibility, speed, and transparency, our transformative teams carry a number of success stories with notable Fortune 500 companies.

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Agile Transformative Teams Services

  • Experience Design Squads
  • Software & Architecture development
  • DevOps consulting & SW maintenance
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
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Some SEIDOR Opentrends Teams client stories

  • Leading banking apps’ ALM for 16M+ Users: SEIDOR Opentrends 60 person TaaS led the Tech Office, including migration of ALM tools (Jenkins, Sonar, Nexus/Artifactory, Checkmarx, Gitlab)  to docker. In charge of merge requests, global ALM, compilation and deployment. As well as automation testing and UAT.
  • Digital transformation for VC Hercules Capital: SEIDOR Opentrends 4-person TaaS evolved the client’s legacy on-premise file system to a new cloud-based document management system. It took just 10 days to complete the Design Sprint with a valid prototype and a backlog of all user stories. And only 4 software development sprints before rolling out the first usable version of the DMS. SEIDOR Opentrends transformed stagnation into a more agile innovation-focused work process. Case Study
  • IoT/Cloud Evolution for the world’s largest producer of vet meds and devices: SEIDOR Opentrends 23-person TaaS designed, developed and supports a data analytics cloud platform (AWS, Azure) for a core device connecting 6+ types of diagnostic instruments deployed in thousands of clinics.
  • Mobile Applications for a major automaker: Several TaaS teams have contributed to clients’ post-sales and commercial mobile apps using DataPlug technology and OBD-2-connector. The different business sections for car owners are unified and accessible through a single application experience.
  • State-of-the-art LMS for a leading educational Publisher: A 15-person TaaS ideated, designed and deployed an end-to-end LMS platform on AWS to support new digital learning methodologies for K-12 education. The team built and launched an MVP in 14 months. With a PaaS mentality, we use modular SDA with microservices designed to enhance the project’s agility.
  • Architecture Tech Office for one of the world's busiest convention centers: A 5 person TaaS responded to Fira's Barcelona needs for cloud architecture technical expertise. SEIDOR Opentrends cloud migration provided Fira Barcelona with 81% cost savings.  Case Study
  • Enterprise Content Management maintenance & evolution (Web & Mobile) for the world's first Open online university: SEIDOR Opentrends is in charge of the evolution and maintenance of more than 10 Open University of Catalonia (UOC) portals since 2012. In 2019 we led the evolution of their online learning portals into a responsive LMS platform that includes biometric data and proctoring technologies.
  • Cloud Tech Office for Catalonia's Authority Center for Telecommunications and Information Technology: SEIDOR Opentrends provided an Agile Transformative Team (TaaS) as a leading expert group in DevOps and Docker containers. The team worked closely with the Authority Center to implement these technologies on the different cloud platforms and ensure a smooth transition to a more efficient and modern system.


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FAQs about Agile Transformative Teams

How are Agile Transformative Teams different than regular agile teams?

Opentrends Agile Transformative teams deliver results from the first sprint and outperform traditional approaches while driving internal client teams into Agile. These teams work in non-agile and non-software company environments too.

How to innovate faster with plug-and-play Agile Transformative Teams?

A method between hiring and outsourcing, there are Agile Transformative Teams as a Service (TaaS) delivering faster technological outcomes at scale.

How to set up an Agile Transformative Team?

Steps are:

  1. An audit analysis is conducted to understand the project
  2. There’s a proprietary team fit exercise and selection
  3. Onboarding is led by an assigned manager who will debrief and prepare the team and client for deployment
  4. Sprint cycles start right away during the deployment phase, and at the end of each sprint, the team adjusts and plans for the next sprint.