Omnichannel Strategy and Development


Omnichannel development coherently integrates the brands’ different interaction methods available to customers (e.g., online, mobile device, physical store, wearables, etc) to strengthen customer loyalty & improve efficiency and capture revenue growth.

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Deliver fully cross-channel customer experiences

Convert new clients and strengthen your connection with current ones through SEIDOR Opentrends’s omnichannel solutions. Our mobile and web development services make you more visible and easier to reach at all possible contact points. This includes business websites, social media platforms, IoT devices, smart applications, chatbots, and most recently, voice assistants.

While your customers may operate within a channel, end-users directly interact with your products and influence demand. Unlike many competitors who prioritize technology, our unique focus on users first empowers you to enhance your products continually, maintain a direct connection with your end-users, explore digital revenue avenues, and make informed decisions based on data.


Our omnichannel solution allows you to: 

  • Create an on-brand coherent experience across all channels and devices
  • Grow your brand loyalty and personalize every single response to your customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction through increased access and high-quality interactions
Our numbers speak for themselves

At SEIDOR Opentrends, we: 

  • Created company websites with 1M+ active monthly users. 
  • Designed and developed the online banking system for a major financial institution with 20M+ active users.
  • Are expert suppliers in connected devices and apps for global automotive, e-health and finance players. 


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Proven web development and omnichannel payment solutions

Multidisciplinary & Frontend Expertise

Our multidisciplinary Agile Transformative Teams combine technology specialists with creative experts, who excel in diverse fields and technologies, encompassing frontend development with Angular, React, HTML, CSS, PHP, J2EE, and CMS like Liferay, Drupal, OpenCMS, WordPress. Our mobile proficiency spans iOS, Android, Webapps, and ReactNative.

We specialize in RESTful API architecture for seamless omnichannel integration. Our expertise covers UX/UI, backend integration, Cloud architectures, and rigorous QA. From concept to deployment, we provide comprehensive solutions.

  • Native app development

  • Mobile Development

  • Web Development

  • Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Headless CMS via API

  • Cross-platform Customer Experiences

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Some omnichannel client stories

  • Chatbot: SEIDOR Opentrends builds bots that go viral, provide value, and become a part of users' daily life. See CASE STUDY.
  • Mobile World Congress: SEIDOR Opentrends is the mobile application provider for an important global congress since 2014. The apps are improved in each edition, offering visitors the latest technological developments and an unforgettable experience.
  • Connected Car: In 2016 we became the first company to release an Apple CarPlay App from a car manufacturer. See CASE STUDY.
  • Elections: With> 300,000 interactions per minute, SEIDOR Opentrends has developed the second screen for several local and state elections, introducing gamification and participation.
  • Energy app for Circutor: Wibee. It allows end-users to access and easily visualize their energy consumption, as well as define targets, and forecasts. Available in Android, iOS, tablet, smartphone, and desktop. See CASE STUDY.
  • Omnichannel solution for a Spanish newspaper: Mobile, tablet, Smart TV - Chromecast and Android Wear availability.
  • Fuse for Abaxis: We created a web integration system that connects medical diagnostic systems and laboratory devices. See CASE STUDY.
  • GBFoods: Saw a tremendous ROI after SEIDOR Opentrends improved their brand experience by upgrading their Spanish and Italian portals, without giving away positions and following a mobile-first design. See CASE STUDY.
  • Customer Service Portal for Danone: SEIDOR Opentrends has developed a new system to manage and trace millions of invoices.


Maximize customer value and improve customer retention today through proven app & web development services.

FAQs about Omnichannel Strategy Development

What is omnichannel strategy development?

Omnichannel strategy development is the process of creating a seamless customer experience across all channels, including online, in-store, and mobile. This involves understanding the customer journey, identifying touchpoints, and creating a unified experience that meets the customer's needs at every stage.

Why is omnichannel strategy development important?

In today's digital age, customers expect to be able to interact with businesses in the way that is most convenient for them. Businesses must be present on multiple channels and provide a consistent experience. Omnichannel strategy development can help businesses improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and potentially reduce costs.

How can I develop an omnichannel strategy?

Data is essential for omnichannel strategy development. It can be used to understand customer behavior, identify touchpoints, and create a unified experience. Here are some of the main steps in developing an omnichannel strategy:

  • Understand the customer journey: Map out the stages a customer goes through when interacting with your business or experiencing your product/service, from awareness to purchase to after-sales.
  • Identify touchpoints: Once you understand the customer journey, identify the different touchpoints that customers have with your business. These include your website, mobile app, social media channels, and brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Create a unified experience: Ensure your customers have a consistent experience across all touchpoints.