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Digital Transformation Services

Effective solutions for Digital Transformation

Our services help industry-diverse clients quickly and seamlessly transition into the new digital revolution. We develop IoT technology and harness sensor data in the development of viable smart cities, smart pools, medical devices and interfaces, connected vehicles, and other innovations that matter to end-users.

We create hyper-connected services and applications with end-to-end Digital Transformation services including:

  • Big Data and Analytics solutions

  • Horizontal and Vertical Integrations

  • Post-quantum security and blockchain

  • User Experience strategy and design

  • Cloud migration and optimization solutions

  • IoT  solutions

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Data Science Consulting

SEIDOR Opentrends digital transformation agency offers more than just a suite of digital services. We provide a holistic implementation approach centered around the end-user.  In addition to technology solutions, we conduct “data discovery” sessions, allowing us to develop a custom implementation plan to identify the greatest advantage of new opportunities, as well as transforming legacy systems to integrate with new solutions. 

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SEIDOR Opentrends data science consulting will consider your company's decision-making, cultural and technological challenges to empower your business.

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Some Digital Transformation client stories

  • IT and operational workflows evolved for a trusted Palo Alto VC: SEIDOR Opentrends 4 person Agile Transformative TaaS evolved the client’s legacy on-premise file system to a new cloud document management system. The new system made the firm increase productivity outputs and materializes its roadmap toward workflow automation. SEIDOR Opentrends was able to transform stagnation into a more agile innovation-focused environment. Case Study
  • Evolution to the IoT/Cloud for the world’s largest producer of veterinarian meds and devices: SEIDOR Opentrends Agile Transformative TaaS designed, developed and supports a well-integrated data analytics cloud platform (AWS, Azure) for a core screenless diagnostic device connecting 6+ medical instruments deployed in 6K+ clinics in the UK and the U.S. The solution provides the client value chain efficiency, end-user behavior data and business insights.
  • Connected Car strategy for a worldwide car maker: We implemented the Car Sharing and Ride Sharing mechanisms that allow the end-user to be part of the new mobility concept of the car as-a-service, as well as built remote access solutions to vehicle information using mobile data.
  • A cutting-edge mobile app for one of the world's busiest convention centers: In 2016 we developed and implemented the first event app/contactless badge with NFC technology for Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. The app included LinkedIn integration and smart indoor mapping. We enhanced the experience for 100k+ international attendees.
  • Thingtia IoT platform for Smart Cities: We have made several cloud implementations of Thingtia IoT platform, gathering data from multiple sources and opening the doors to full digital access. Since its deployment, the platform has managed more than 2M transactions. Case Study.
  • Cloud architecture for the world's first online Open University: We provide support in the process of renovation and redefinition of the Open University of Catalonia's (UOC) enterprise architecture. This operational optimization lets them adapt to current and new business requirements.


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