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Hercules Capital

Cloud DMS for a Venture Capital Firm


Overcoming operational inefficiencies

Hercules Capital (NYSE: HTGC), a leading financial firm providing senior secured venture growth loans to VC-backed companies, sought to overcome critical operational inefficiencies and improve document management.


From design to prototype in a matter of days

Digital transformation to convert their local file system into a global, cloud-based document management system (DMS).

Through a Design Sprint workshop, we moved from design to prototype in just a few days, accelerated solution development and ensured user alignment. This collaborative process involved diverse stakeholders, including financial controllers, administrative users, and IT representatives. Utilizing real materials fostered tangible understanding, and within ten days, we achieved a validated paper prototype and a backlog of prioritized user stories. Regarding technology, a secure cloud-based system was implemented in collaboration with Box to manage documents with sensitive information, providing 24/7 access and meeting high-security standards.

  • Methodology

    Agile, Design Sprint.

  • Technology

    DMS, Cloud.

  • Partner


DMS Hercules Capital
SEIDOR Opentrends' design sprint approach had a very clearly outlined path and made every piece of the process very manageable.
Christian Follmann, Director of Operations at Hercules Capital.


Productivity Improvement

The cloud-based document management system enabled Hercules Capital to:

  • Gain internal ops efficiency, resolving issues related to their legacy system.
  • Reduce management and document processing time, leading to shorter negotiation periods and accelerating business processes.
  • A unified and coordinated document hub, reducing departmental files and enabling continuous work from both the office and remote locations.
  • Workflow automation and scalability to support future goals.