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Innovation Services and Ecosystem

Helping Companies Explore New Opportunities with Technology

At SEIDOR Opentrends we boost innovation for our clients. Our best digital innovators will seamlessly integrate into your team and design a winning digital strategy made for the future. 

Some of the tools we use are innovation seeds, consulting, and early adopter pilots to get access to the latest trends and technologies. SEIDOR Opentrends’ approach empowers your business to scale and generate new wealth opportunities.

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Innovation Driven

Gain access to early adopter and emerging technologies through our venture builder arm, Carrot Cake. We de-risk these technologies to give you all the benefits:

  • Every year we invest in new startups and integrate their technology into our product offering. This allows us to work early with the technologies that we believe will be massively adopted in 5-10 year’s time.

We boost innovation in our clients and position them for an increasingly dynamic future. Our combined capabilities give you:

  • Access to developed Proof of Concepts (PoCs) through the innovation of our technology portfolio.
  • The benefits of our well-established expertise in project management, quality assurance and management, change management and our unique ability to integrate.
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