Red Blue Teams

Improve security through Red, Blue & Purple Teams


CyberNForce, part of Opentrends' partner portfolio, provides cybersecurity service based on teams


Modern enterprise infrastructures, especially in large corporations, contain thousands of interconnected components. A failure on any element in this complex chain potentially causes disruption of key business processes. Media reports successful attacks against major companies have significantly increased in recent years, which proves the well-known thesis right: security used to be one step behind the attacker.

In this context, a few weeks ago, Opentrends had the opportunity to attend the Cybersecurity Summit within DES 2019, a space to debate issues and challenges CISOs are facing in the current Digital Transformation Age.

The key point is that effective cybersecurity is becoming more important than ever. In the last few years, a growing number of companies have realized the importance of critical resource protection. To apply preventive measures, it is necessary to perform a regular safety analysis of the critical systems. But how should we carry this security analysis out? How can we identify the risks and vulnerabilities of our infrastructure, in the most effective and objective way?


Team-based Cybersecurity Service

At CyberNForce, cybersecurity partner of Opentrends and member of our venture builder Carrot Cake, they have created a unique model that links the best global capabilities in the field of hack & cybersecurity, to provide Red, Blue and Purple Teams. It is proven to be the most effective way to conduct a security assessment. CyberNForce's team-based cybersecurity service can help your organization get one step ahead of hacks.

The main objective of the team-based cybersecurity service is to discover the vulnerabilities existing in the system and to obtain an objective and accurate evaluation of its current security level. This practical approach allows companies to consider the effectiveness of their own protection strategies applied in real terms since it reveals the main problems and allows to develop a solution mechanism.

Red Team
Red Team

Red Teams are external entities in charge of testing the effectiveness of a security program. This is achieved by emulating the behaviors and techniques of the attackers in the most realistic way.

This task demands a very high level of specialization in vulnerability detection. It requires knowing the real-world methods that hackers use, in order to be able to offer effective solutions to assess customer safety and the most robust protection solutions.

Blue Team
Blue Team

Blue Teams are the security teams that lead the defense against real attackers and Red Teams. Blue Teams are distinguished from standard security teams in most organizations and have a constant vigilance mentality against attacks. The idea is to extend the protection capabilities of an organization with a new full range of use cases by a managed security service partner (MSSP).

To respond to this need, CyberNForce offers a model for managed security operations centers, as well as security information and event management. Its proposal consists of expanding the security team of its clients with managed security services, thus increasing security capabilities, including 24x7 monitoring, incident investigations, alleged threats validation, information on threats, and personalized notifications on problem resolution.

Purple Team
Purple Team

Purple Teams ensure and maximize the red and blue teams' effectiveness. The defense tactics and control of the blue team are integrated with the threats and vulnerabilities found by the red team, in a single narrative.

The mission of the Purple Team is to secure information sharing between the red and blue teams, in order to ensure maximum efficiency of both teams. The Purple Team is a facilitator, who carries out the government of the team-based security service, and prepares all deliverables in a consistent manner.

About CyberNForce

CyberNForce provides solutions based on a complete and transparent portfolio of products, carefully selected by an experienced professional team focused on security incidents management. Its objective is to prevent, detect and react to any type of cyber security incident happening to their clients. They are specialized in the protection, detection and handling of security incidents. Since they know exactly how attackers behave, they provide trusted, skilled and best-of-breed security solutions. They are specialized in applying cyber security to cutting-edge technologies (Cloud, Quantum, Blockchain, IoT, etc).