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AWS Cloud Architecture to Manage Low Emission Zone


A system for data management and exploitation

AMB required a system to manage statistical data extracted from the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) to improve the city's air quality. This data is provided by systems such as:

  • Cameras distributed in various metropolitan area municipalities constantly read vehicle license plates.
  • License plate data provided by the DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico).
  • Real-time alerts on air pollution rise by AMB SCA.


AMB-ZBE, a platform under the Amazon Cloud

Implement AMB-ZBE, a cloud-native web platform on AWS and serverless with the following features that integrates with the DGT data source to obtain the current census of license plates, the SCCA systems (Atmospheric Pollution Control System) for the detection of pollution episodes, and the cameras to collect license plate readings. This way, data is stored and managed based on criteria and exemptions.

The platform allows for increased availability, scalability, and performance. The architecture is oriented towards business logic, separating business and frontend layers. And it highlights ease of maintenance.

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Today, the Barcelona ZBE is the largest in southern Europe, covering 36mi2


The cloud architecture that will improve citizens' quality of life

With the implemented cloud-data architecture, AMB achieves:

  • Being at the forefront in Europe regarding the use of new technologies such as IoT and Cloud.
  • Manage and exploit the data from the license plates of 1.5M vehicles that are expected in a day.
  • Improve the air quality of the citizens of Barcelona.
  • Reduction of CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Automation of operations, agility in provisioning and resource allocation, with rapid service delivery.

Platform Impact Metrics:

  • 65+ active cameras.
  • The system processes an average of 3.3+ million vehicles monthly.
  • Registered peaks of 180K vehicles per day during January 2022.
  • 81.46K traffic citations issued in Jan 2022.