Building a Humane Leadership Culture

May 19 2021

Salvador Bosque, Opentrends' Servant Lead, spoke at the first-ever global conference for the Scrum Masters session on May 21st, 2021. During the live talk ''Human Leadership Culture: Tools & Real-Life Scenarios'', Salva unveiled practical tools and real-life examples that help teams and organizations build a human leadership culture.

The session includes tools such as Trust Canvases, Detox Checklists, Permission Tokens, and Design Thinking workshops to reflect on leadership styles and adopt human-centered principles based on autonomy, trust, shared purposes and team empowerment.

For Opentrends, collaborating with the Scrum Master Global Summit means demonstrating, through our values, that it is possible to go one step further in leadership practices.

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About Scrum Master Global Summit 

Scrum Master Global Summit is the first event that brings the Scrum Master community together and can engage keynote speeches to share experiences live and online. Its greatest goals are obtaining synergies between the community and optimally developing ideas. Scrum Master is essential when developing a new work culture based on collaboration, common goals, and achievements.