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Mission-critical, Multi-Cloud Architecture For Major European Bank

A Cloud Environment to Match an Organization’s Complexity

Large, complex organizations require cloud environments to match the many intricacies and functionalities across their teams, services and users.

A top European bank needed to redesign its cloud infrastructure from the ground up to accommodate the growing number of mobile banking apps, vendors, employees, and customers interacting with their systems. They chose Opentrends to architect a custom private multi-cloud environment with the flexibility, resilience, and integration capabilities to encompass their entire business.

Developing DevOps and CI/CD Scalable Cloud Architecture

Sophisticated cloud architecture must support hundreds of internal, external, and internet applications with thousands of functionalities. The environment needs to accommodate a wide range of vendors’ development seamlessly. The cloud architecture also requires support for enormous fluctuations in the capacity of users and transactions without sacrificing performance for deployments or the end-user.

As a bank, the client also needed a private, controlled environment to govern security and compliance. Opentrends’ Agile Transformative TeamsTM Services developed a custom DevOps and CI/CD pipeline for scalable cloud architecture to meet these needs.

The cloud architecture was based on Cloud Foundry with Dual runtimes of Java and PHP Symfony improved performance and reduced the time required for backups as part of an ongoing disaster recovery plan. The team developed custom API layers to provide access to a wide range of vendors, ensuring native integrations. 

The project was an immense undertaking. The completed environment included over 3,2000 unique software components.

Cloud Management and Migrations

Opentrends has maintained the bank’s cloud architecture for almost a decade. Our team has managed multiple complex migrations and upgrades to adapt the platform to the organization’s growth and changing needs. Opentrends migrated the architecture to new cloud platforms twice: once to IBM Blue Mix and the second a few years later to IBM Cloud Private.

timeline with years and cloud providers

The biggest migration challenge is the bank’s utilization of multiple IT vendors to manage various functions in their cloud environment. The bank entrusted Opentrends to create the process for deployment management across all vendors. The cloud architectures’ upgrades included containerization with Kubernetes and automated testing.

The expansion of the cloud platform’s capabilities supported the bank to grow and become number one in its country.

Cloud Platforms to Support Business Growth

Opentrends cloud architecture and automation dramatically reduced the banks’ apps’ deployment time from two months when their platforms were on-premises, to only two days on the new cloud platform.

Today, Opentrends continues to keep the cloud infrastructure robust to support the bank’s high volume of diverse vendors, applications, use cases, and transactions. Including the bank’s major IT systems integration in late 2021 after its latest acquisition.

The cloud architecture developed by Opentrends is utilized by:

  • 16 IT vendors
  • 60+ developers
  • 22,000+ builds per month
  • In 7 different cloud environments

The bank’s cloud platform currently supports:

  • 10+ million active users
  • 400+ mobile banking mobile and web apps
  • Peaks of 9,000 transactions per second
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Cloud Architecture Development For Any Scope

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