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Fira de Barcelona

81% Cost reduction by migrating to cloud


High availability and cost reduction

Fira de Barcelona, one of Europe's most important international trade fair institutions and home to the Mobile World Congress, needed to accelerate time-to-market, agility, and flexibility for its infrastructure while adjusting operational costs and providing a highly available service capable of supporting strong concurrency peaks in very critical periods of time (such as the MWC, which involves more than 100,000 users from around the world concentrated in just 4 days).


Cloud migration

Migrate their infrastructure to a scalable, flexible, and global cloud model designed to leverage the full potential of AWS cloud PaaS:

  • Scalability and flexibility achieved through a layer of microservices (SDA) in Docker deployed on Elastic Container Service
  • Unified authentication for all sites and APIs (CAS)
  • Development environment based on continuous integration tools
  • CloudFront for distribution of static content in S3 with low latency for our customers
  • Serverless: Lambdas to be flexible without the need to provision or manage servers
  • Analytics based on Kinesis and Redshift to have a 360º view of the Customer
  • Real-time monitoring of key service indicators to ensure architecture scalability, including: dashboards, alarms, and logs
  • Technology

    Cloud-native, microservices, serverless

  • Methodology


  • Partners

    AWS, Elastic

caso de éxito fira de Barcelona

81% cost reduction compared to the on-premise scenario


Increased productivity and efficiency
  • 81% cost reduction compared to the initial on-premise scenario (this saving represented a 34% improvement over the initial estimate of AWS's TCO calculation tool)
  • Ensuring the alignment of applications and systems with Fira de Barcelona's business needs
  • Providing a controlled framework for project suppliers
  • Improving efficiency and time to market for new developments
  • Minimizing effort in maintenance and recurring tasks
  • Reducing system operating costs