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How we developed the most versatile IoT platform on the planet

The next evolution of Sentilo© was to bring it to the cloud. Enter, Thingia. Its cloud-based infrastructure supercharges and scales Sentilo’s abilities. It allows faster and easier escalation of resources, breaking down the limits of vertical solutions. Thingtia is able to control thousands of sensors and actuators at the same time and can handle millions of messages per day. 

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Thingtia transforms raw data
into intuitive and useful
data visualization

Thingtia Cloud features include:

  • Modular and extensible functionality to add capabilities without affecting the core system
  • Data indexing via ElasticSearch
  • Visualization via Kibana dashboards
  • Time series history, storage, and Grafana dashboards via OpenTSDB
  • Big data ready with Kafka connector for real-time streaming to any Hadoop component
  • Rapid prototyping and PoC with Node-RED instances
  • Simple API Interface
  • Avoid vendor lock-in: Installation and support on any hybrid, private or public cloud vendor of choice
  • Smooth transition to a private or local instance
  • Support SLAs on any operating mode, and out-of-the-box training ecosystems

Integrated Development

Thingtia has been developed with open source components such as the Redis, MySQL, and Mongo databases, Hibernate, JSON or JQuery.

Thingia is connected with API HTTP rest. Monitoring and analytics are powered by ElasticSearch, time-series history is powered by OpenTSDB, and prototyping and flow editor is powered by Node-RED.


The Ready-To-Use IoT SaaS platform based on Sentilo©

Thingtia technology is versatile as it has many use cases in sectors such as IIoT, logistics, agriculture, consumer electronics, automotive and more. A solid proven solution that enables device and remote equipment monitoring, fleet management, predictive maintenance, cargo integrity monitoring, inventory tracking, automation and other smart solutions.
Operational impact is provided by real-time data visualization, real-time alerts and big data analysis. In fact, many device manufacturers have today their sensors and actuators connected to the platform and are seeing the business impact.

Thingtia visualization screen mock up

Thingtia in Numbers

Since its first deployment, Thingia has managed more than 1.7 billion transactions, an average of 3.8 million per day. It reads inputs from over 15 thousand sensors of varying types.

Today more than 27 cities and organizations around the world have adopted the IoT platform to integrate their ecosystems and are now taking advantage of these platforms’ synergies and cost savings.

The potential to transform a city by developing more efficient and cost-effective services is now possible.

Empower your business with device connectivity.

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