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Abaxis Vetscan FUSE

Abaxis is a leading company listed on Nasdaq that supplies point-of-care blood analyzers to the medical and veterinarian markets. These devices were primarily standalone with dedicated UI screens.

Opentrends worked closely with Abaxis to help go one step further into eHealth and mHealth technology. Starting with extensive interviews with Abaxis and their customer base, we created Abaxis Vetscan FUSE, a web-based concentrator that put the analysis devices on the cloud along with PMS interfaces.

Abaxis Vetscan VUE

Abaxis VetScan VUE is a new eHealth product with a mobile app interface. Providing eight canine assays in real-time: Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, Parvo, Giardia, FeLV/FIV, and cPL all in one small form factor. 

Based on Product Thinking, Opentrends worked with Abaxis to develop the first app-based diagnostic instrument in the veterinary field. Resulting in easing the day-to-day management of veterinary clinics.

VetScan VUE scans Abaxis quick tests and transfers, stores and shares the results to mobile phones or tablets and PMS. Without leaving the clinic and only in a few seconds. Plus, over-the-air updates are performed by the mobile app. Resulting in a lighter, smaller, and significantly lower cost device.