Data platform hub connecting veterinary clinics


The need for data connectivity in vet clinics

Veterinarians require access to real-time data from every aspect of their practices, regardless of their location. In response to this demand, Abaxis partnered with SEIDOR Opentrends in 2015 to streamline information exchange through a centralized hub for receiving and sending data.


IoT cloud platform

SEIDOR Opentrends architected and developed an IoT cloud platform to connect all Abaxis’ devices to a central hub named FUSE. FUSE ensures seamless integration, bidirectional communication, and over-the-air (OTA) updates. With global connectivity spanning over 8,000 clinics worldwide and support for 37 practice management software (PMS) systems, FUSE is available in 7 languages. It optimizes workflow efficiency, facilitates virtual product deployment, and enables data analytics.

  • Technology

    Mobile app connected with the PMS.

  • Methodology

    Observation and contextual interviews in different veterinary clinics, along with insights analysis for the design of the web integration system.


FUSE web-based package empowers vets to communicate diagnostic data to pet owners in an easily understandable format. It serves as a comprehensive, reliable tool for all testing needs.



The impact of working together

The hub generates new value-added services for the clinics and patients, including:

  • Streamlining preventive equipment maintenance.
  • Enabling real-time medical data consultation from any device.
  • Increasing connectivity among different medical equipment elements.
  • Enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual effort.
  • Optimizing production costs for Abaxis.
  • Empowering informed decision-making, fostering innovation and improving patient care outcomes.