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Implementing Facial Recognition for Online University’s Remote Testing

In response to the pandemic, a prestigious online university faced the challenge of transitioning from on-site exams to a fully remote scenario. They collaborated with SEIDOR Opentrends to design and implement a robust student identity validation and academic fraud detection system, enhanced with eProctoring capabilities. This system seamlessly integrated into the university's existing processes, improving exam integrity and minimizing manual efforts in identity manager reviews.


Ensuring Exam Integrity in a Remote Setting

The primary challenge was to ensure secure online assessments by verifying the identity and authorship of students in a remote setting. Additionally, the system needed to accommodate a high volume of tests, with peak usage reaching up to 4,000 tests simultaneously.


Cloud-based eProctoring on SEIDOR Opentrends designed Architecture 

Leveraging the VNEXT system and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, SEIDOR Opentrends developed a solution based on AWS Rekognition and integrated eProctoring capabilities. This allowed for comprehensive student ID validation during exams through webcam image comparisons and real-time monitoring of online exam sessions from any location with an internet connection. This flexibility was particularly beneficial for being an institution with students in different parts of the world. The architecture was meticulously designed to handle the significant volume of exams, ensuring smooth operation even during peak times at 4,000.

software architecture components by Opentrends

Backoffice and Business Intelligence

The system incorporated real-time dashboards through different Grafana panels to provide immediate insights during exams, efficiently identifying students with technical problems. This allowed the university's IT services to promptly assist and resolve issues, ensuring a smooth exam experience for students.

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Enhancing Efficiency and Upholding Exam Integrity in Online Setting

During the exam period, 70,000 tests were successfully taken using the VNEXT system with eProctoring. Notably, the system reduced manual efforts in identity manager reviews, streamlining the process of validating student identities for Advanced Degrees. This automation significantly enhanced the efficiency of the examination process while upholding its integrity.


Take Action for Reliable and Streamlined Online Examinations

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