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TMB streamlines log management with Elastic Stack


Navigating the path to success

TMB needed a platform to centralize the processing and exploitation of various server logs and company operations.

Previously, we had to identify different log sources, define an ingestion process, enrich logs, and design various dashboards for log exploitation and visualization. An architecture has been designed to sustain the load of logs to ingest and to scale and adapt as needed.


The key to transformation

In collaboration with TMB's technical department and following Elastic's best practices, a platform for log ingestion and exploitation has been set up capable of handling very high levels of processing, with a focus on flexibility to adapt the solution, allowing for continuous improvement.

The platform provides flexibility, facilitates governance and data lifecycle management, and allows for user-friendly visualization of key indicators.

  • Methodology

    Design Sprint.

  • Technology

    Cloud, Data.

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The impact of working together

With the new log processing platform, the following has been achieved:

  • Optimization of infrastructure performance
  • Global system cost savings