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Opentrends Presents Metaverse Opportunities for the Financial Sector



PALO ALTO, Calif. – April 21, 2022 – The international digital transformation firm Opentrends, Inc. speaks to the untapped metaverse challenges and opportunities in the financial and banking sector. A new interactive webinar ‘’Metaverse: challenges and opportunities in the financial sector’’, April 21 at 9 a.m. PDT/ 12 p.m EDT, organized alongside the Financial Studies Institute in Barcelona (Institut d’Estudis Financers - IEF), examines the opportunities the metaverse offers to bank and financial institutions.

Join industry experts Ferran Teixes (IEF CEO), Carles Roca (Senior Account Manager for US and Europe at Opentrends), and Xavi Buscallà (CEO Opentrends Inc.) as they share current market data, the latest available technologies and some of the most impactful use cases up until today.

‘’We’re eager to show the types of metaverse out there and the technologies currently available. Metaverse isn’t new; we want to show what has changed and why it’s relevant now.’’ shares Xavi Buscallà.


Webinar Agenda

  1. Metaverse taxonomy and the differences between the metaverse, multiverse and omniverse
  2. Showcasing different realities: real-life environment simulation, virtual environments and mixed-reality simulation
  3. The Metaverse's seven layers
  4. Case studies include client relationships, PR, learning/training, AR, and onboarding for eCommerce, showrooms and more. 
  5. Legal implications


“From a technology standpoint, AI, blockchain, cloud, graphic process, Oculus, VR and AR are the leading trends”. Millennials and Gen Z context is also favorable, with users increasingly used to video conferencing, strong gaming culture, heavy use of devices, and a growing trend toward web3.0 and delocalized and global working models", explains Carles Roca


Metaverse Roadmap for Banks

Traditional banks are incorporating online banking to slowly replace individual interactions in the physical space, making their way to digital transformation.

Metaverse roadmap for banks timeline by Opentrends

‘’Open Banking isn’t yet fully implemented and we’re already going further’’, asserted Xavi Buscallà, and continues ‘’We’ve seen the introduction of digital banks, neobanks and new markets; and now we’ve entered the Banking as a Service era, more specifically the ‘’Metaverse Banking’’.

Hear perspectives from Opentrends technology and IEF financial experts on the need for a reliable economic system for equity trading, processes digitization, the birth of new customer journeys, decentralized financial systems with Blockchain and Web 3.0, NFT, asset tokenization, wallets and other digital assets. The experts will uncover opportunities by sharing numerous examples from leading banks such as Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and the New York Stock Exchange.


About Opentrends
Opentrends, Inc. is an international digital transformation firm with clients such as Sony, Fujitsu, BBVA, Grifols, Mitsubishi Electric, Volkswagen, Honda, and other Fortune 500 companies. Located in Palo Alto, Barcelona, Madrid, and Kerala, Opentrends provides custom software development and integration, implementation, and adoption of advanced technological solutions. 

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