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Helping a major bank redefine its business model


Navigating the path to success

A prominent European bank sought our assistance in reshaping its business model to better align with evolving consumer trends. This shift was driven by the increasing integration of the internet into people's daily lives, not only for accessing information but also for conducting banking transactions.


The key to transformation

Our approach centered on redefining banking within the context of digital transformation. We introduced an innovative, user-centric mobile banking solution that catered to the changing needs and expectations of customers. By providing a seamless online banking experience, we empowered users to manage their finances conveniently and securely, anytime and anywhere. Through Service Design, we meticulously mapped out the customer journey, ensuring an engaging experience across multiple platforms.

  • Technology

    Secure and service-oriented mobile architecture.

  • Design

    Service Design with a user-centric approach and content design

Banca móvil

We offer an innovative, user-centered approach to mobile banking, allowing customers to achieve their financial goals while seamlessly interacting with the financial institution.


The impact of working together
  • Personalization of financial services
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Enhanced customer relationship and experience
  • Faster and more effortless transaction execution