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Thinkö: Developing a Cutting-Edge LMS From the Ground Up

SaaS LMS to Create Digital Learning Experiences

Tekman Education creates innovative education programs and teaching materials. They saw a need to digitize how K-12 educators planned and managed their classrooms.

With remote and hybrid education on the rise, educators need EdTech to teach and facilitate Project-Based Learning (PBL) projects. The challenge is that the existing LMS solutions did not have the capabilities to enable collaborative and engaging learning experiences. Educators needed an LMS with tools to encourage interactivity and creativity to make the digital classroom come alive.

Without an integrated and automated process, it was cumbersome for teachers to plan, teach, and assess students. Existing platforms made it difficult to connect the PBL experiences with the educational curriculum and created a disconnect between educators and students.

Tekman Education wanted to transform the facilitation of Project-Based Learning (PBL) projects. The company partnered with Opentrends to build a brand new SaaS product that Tekman Education could sell and create an additional revenue stream. 

The result was Thinkö. This cutting-edge software turns K-12 educators’ ideas into a PBL curriculum that they can create, facilitate, analyze, and evaluate - all within the same platform.

website screen of the Thinko LMS platform

End-to-End LMS Digital Development

Opentrends and their in-house design firm, FailFast, worked with Tekman through the entire process. By collaborating from ideation to launch, Opentrends ensured that the strategic goals and user experience were cohesive in the end product.

Our team was involved in every aspect, including market research, product design, prototyping, development, web design, copywriting, and strategy. With the right team and methodology, Opentrends was able to complete and launch the project in just 14 months.

  • The Multidisciplinary Team

Opentrends assembled a 15-person team across their Opentrends development and FailFast design organizations. Our software engineers’ and designers’ roles ranged across PO, UX, UI, business analysis, architecture, dev, AQ, and DevOps. The team worked with Tekman Education through the entire project cycle.


  • The Methodology

The team used an Agile LEAN and scrum methodologies to accomplish the broad scope of this project in a short period. As this was a brand-new software product, Opentrends was able to provide a holistic approach with its proprietary 4 Dimensions of Digital Product development: growth, ideation, development, and launch.


  • The Technology

Opentrends’ omnichannel software development utilized the following technology approaches, platforms, and skills to build Thinkö:

  • The frontend used modular architecture oriented to components. It was developed with TypeScript and JavaScript using Ecma (tslint) 6 standard and Angular, NgRx (Redux), and RxJS frameworks.
  • The backend architecture was based on microservices and implemented with Hexagonal architecture to allow a domain-driven design (DDD) approach. The backend was developed in Java, using Spring, SpringBoot, SpringCloud & Netflix OSS frameworks.
  • Thinkö is AWS cloud-based using route53, CloudFront, S3, CloudFormation, Lambda, FarGate, ECR, CodeCommit, Pipeline, CodeBuild, API Gateway, and Aurora Serverless.
  • MicroServices were containerized with Docker and Docker-Compose.
  • API integrations facilitated with RESTful API and xAPI.
  • Responsive web design utilized HTML, CSS3, and WordPress.

Revolutionizing Project-Based Learning

The resulting SaaS product, Thinkö, is a cutting-edge LMS. The platform revolutionizes PBL education projects and supports new digital learning methodologies. Educators can use the platform to create digital learning experiences and activities, and the platform automates the digital infrastructure to easily manage the entire cycle of the curricula in one place. The LMS includes both teacher and student access levels.

Thinkö is not only a new product line for Tekman Education. It’s also a new channel to sell their existing education materials through programs and interactive content pre-loaded onto the platform. The project even allowed the company to outsource its IT department.


Sophisticated Architecture, Simple UX

Opentrends designed Thinkö as an AWS cloud-based SaaS platform with easy teacher and student accessibility. The Google integration makes Thinkö seamless with Google Classroom.

software architecture for Thinko by Opentrends

Product Features & Capabilities

Thinkö gives educators the power to create a digital curriculum and virtual classroom that increases student engagement and saves educators’ time.

  • Software with an easy UX to navigate and create
  • Tools to build curriculum and create interactive learning and competency activities
  • Digital engagement capabilities to bring digital classrooms to life and receive real-time feedback and communication with students
  • Pre-loaded education programs, templates, and interactive content
  • Sleek design to see lesson and student statuses at a glance
  • Clean dashboards to track and analyze schedules, progress, and student evaluations
  • Connects PBL projects to various official educational curricula


Google For Education Integration

As a Google For Education partner, Opentrends fully integrated Thinkö with Google For Education and the entire GSuite. The developers used xAP/LTI standard to integrate with the Google API, allowing teachers and students to use Google Drive, docs, slides, sheets, and Google Classroom seamlessly with Thinkö.

logo Google for Education


Software Development For EdTech

If you would like to develop EdTech software, apps, or integrations, contact us. Opentrends designs and develops end-to-end e-learning strategies to promote digital and hybrid learning solutions. Learn more about our EdTech solutions.