SEIDOR Opentrends: a top Game App Developer in the Bay Area

November 28 2022

SEIDOR Opentrends has been selected among the 20 Best Mobile Game Development Companies in the Bay Area in 2022 by Top Design Firms


Palo Alto, California, November 28, 2022 — In the words of Brett Terrill product gamification is "taking game elements and applying them to a non-gaming context.’’ Striking the ideal balance between innovative and functional design, we enable our clients to use technology as a strategic resource to achieve their business goals. SEIDOR Opentrends' signature growth strategy through product gamification applications has resulted in increased customer acquisition and product sales for our clients.

SEIDOR Opentrends' work in this field goes back to 2018 when helping a three million-user European neobank achieve 3x app retention levels with several mini-game apps. The apps increased user engagement, especially by providing personal wealth management education, but also registered significantly higher average playtimes. Our mini-games ranked among the top 4 most bank in-app consumed pieces of content in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Since then, some of our most recent contributions to our client’s digital product sales increases include:

  • An Augmented Reality (AR) mobile 3D wheel game app based around a boutique winery’s products. This app helped the winery gain engagement from younger consumers, resulting in increased digital purchases of their organic wines and olive oils.
  • Product gamification for Henkel’s pipe seal cord adhesive, which positively impacted 11 European markets, and reached 200+ play times with an average duration of 45+ minutes per match.
  • An in-app game for the Department of Culture (Government of Catalonia), where users play and learn about different architectural monuments and historical landscapes in the region.
  • A major supermarket chain digitized its in-store experience for customers with our designed gamification experience. Customers benefit from product promotions via redeemed points from purchases while playing. The in-app game saw an average engagement time of 21 minutes.
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Companies today embrace digital product growth strategies as a way to build customer loyalty and increase product sales. Receiving this recognition validates years of successful ideation, design/UI and backend gamification solutions for financial institutions, banking and consumer goods. Being leaders in the omnichannel and digital engagement space allows us to provide you with the best-in-class software solutions that meet your specific business needs. To learn more, visit our brick and mortar site or follow us on LinkedIn