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UX Design for eHealth

A long-term strategy for eHealth

Based on Product Thinking, we’ve designed an innovative approach to in-house testing for infectious diseases that gets fast, simple and reliable results anywhere.

Professionals are the central focus of our research, giving feedback on how to improve data management to create a more efficient and usable technology for veterinary healthcare.


The first app-based diagnostic tool in the veterinary field with accurate results in only 5 minutes

VUE vetscan is an eHealth product developed as a tool to support professionals. Veterinarians getting a clear picture of their patient's health brings enormous benefits to the owner, the patient and the company.

At the front line of vet diagnostics

In an ongoing effort to improve healthcare services, the U.S. leading company in medical devices Abaxis decided to go one step further into eHealth and mHealth technology. The future of vet healthcare must be more patient-centered and must help veterinarians to provide effective patient care. Abaxis approached SEIDOR Opentrends with these goals.

With this mindset, SEIDOR Opentrends turned their idea into reality by developing the first app-based diagnostic tool in the veterinary field.

The VUE helps diagnose diseases and several conditions the animal can be suffering from. This tool separates data across a simple user flow and reduces human error risk. A professional interface to be used by every veterinary clinic.

Results you can rely on

The VetScan VUE is a synonym of agility, simplicity and effectiveness. With any wi-fi access point, VUE can initiate a test scan and dispatch the results to the patients' e-mail or the clinic's workstation seamlessly. The results are accurate and visually friendly. Every veterinarian or technician can rely on them. SEIDOR Opentrends team made the app and the firmware device to be able to update Over The Air (OTA). 

VUE shares the results through mobile phone or tablet in a matter of a few minutes. In such a way that the diagnostic protocols not only lead to quicker and more accurate diagnosis but also allow the veterinarian to provide the client with treatment options during the on-site visit at the clinic/practice.

Bringing user-centered design to healthcare

Data management is not only important for the electronic patient record, but for the client's communication and workflow. VUE exemplifies how Experience Design can bring people and technology together, solving real-time problems, and creating more usable and efficient healthcare services.