First vet app-based diagnostic tool connected to a cloud


Navigating the path to success

Abaxis, a leading American company specializing in blood analysis, sought to enhance its healthcare services by harnessing eHealth and mHealth technologies. The goal was to prioritize patient-centric care and support veterinarians in delivering more personalized attention.


The key to transformation

We developed Vetscan VUE, the first mobile app in the veterinary sector for Abaxis, delivering blood analysis results in just 5 minutes. Through Product Thinking workshops, we pioneered an innovative approach to infectious disease testing in veterinary clinics. Our research-focused methodology, with professionals at the core, yielded a new tool that streamlines, simplifies, and enhances the retrieval of results.

Abaxis Vetscan VUE facilitates the diagnosis of infectious diseases in animals, transmitting data directly to the app to reduce the risk of human error in information transmission. This is presented through a professional interface suitable for any veterinary clinic.

  • Technology

    App and device firmware (OTA updates).

  • Design

    Experience Design.

  • Methodology

    Product Thinking.


First app-based diagnostic tool in the veterinary field with accurate results in 5 minutes.


The impact of working together

This IoT project enables veterinarians to improve patient health, and through data collection via these apps, we provide Abaxis with valuable insights into user behavior:

  • Increased agility, simplicity, and effectiveness in results
  • Reduction of potential human errors in information transmission
  • Manufacturing and hardware cost savings (due to device with no screen)
  • Extended product life cycle
  • Visibility on end-user behavior
  • Better CX due to high resolution screens on app