Team as a Service

Accelerating Talent Export to Silicon Valley


A new service allows agile configuration of IT and design team with immediate performance

Opentrends launched a new diversity and inclusion initiative from its headquarters in Silicon Valley. The initiative aims to bring top IT talent from Spain to multinational companies in the United States. While applying the agile methodology, Opentrends rapidly integrates highly qualified IT teams according to specific company needs. 

A Deep Look at Why Inclusion and Diversity Matter

On October 23th, Opentrends put together an event in Silicon Valley addressing the value of diversity and inclusion in the technology sector. Opentrends presented A Deep Look at Why Inclusion and Diversity Matter with the authors of Differences That Make A Difference, Jorge Titinger, former CEO of Silicon Graphics Inc. (acquired by HPE en 2016), and Pedro Espinoza, president of Pan Peru USA and recurring Ted Talk speaker. The book explores the high reward of fostering diversity and inclusion in your company and why differences make a difference in the current business world. 
Xavi Buscalla, the CEO of Opentrends, explained why the Team as a Service fosters diversity within companies, while dramatically reducing costs in IT infrastructures and maximizing team effectiveness.

"The new global service of Opentrends takes advantage of the talent existing in Barcelona to add value in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and creativity to companies located in Silicon Valley. We have talented and highly qualified candidates, given that Barcelona and Catalonia are among the world capitals of creative and ICT talent." Xavi Buscalla, CEO Opentrends Inc

Opentrends Us team and Jorge Titinger
Team-as-a-Service by Opentrends

Finding qualified IT professionals is a challenge. Many companies lack the capacity or resources to attract and retain the best local IT talents internally. In addition, traditional outsourcing does not provide speed and quality to achieve the desired objectives.

The new service is the answer to one of the main problems detected by Opentrends in Silicon Valley companies: the acquisition and talent retention through conventional channels, such as traditional outsourcing or recruiting.

Agile Transformative Team as a Service is a tailored solution for any IT or creative needs. Our teams will provide rapid prototyping, product and service conceptualization, as well as end-to-end development. This service can be scaled to meet any company structure.