AI and blockchange

AI & Blockchain: Technology and Design Implications


Stupid humans ruling smart machines

R/ga gets on the stage. A simple timeline sums up Internet evolution in 3 phases: Static - social - contextual.

Jen focuses on all three elements of the contextual era: personalization, artificial intelligence and mobility.

Two examples on Duplex calls (Google) where even overcomes the interruptions. The speakers are not able to detect if they are talking to a machine. These are the flaws and doubts printed between the words that make it impossible to detect. It's great to discover that we need to make artificial intelligence sillier to make it more human. Welcome to #artificialstupidity.

AI begins to explore arts and creativity. Watson,the IBM AI platform, has edited Morgan film trailerand it has composed the song Breakfree with Taryn Southern.


In this contextual era, where humans must teach humanity to machines. Sitting in our urban thrones, in ragged and unequal societies and surrounded by wars and pollution.

The humanist movement returns and it is necessary to come back to one of the oldest questions: What makes us human?


At the end of the talk, Kaustav from R/GA summarizes Blockchain in an image


Kaustav highlights onboarding as one of the great UX challenges of blockchain-based products and services. A clear example where technology exceeds the users understanding. Blockchain must be transparent to the user Forget the hype, design only what the user needs. Do not explain them how it works, just make it work.

Finally, it ends with some success stories  Sovrin and identity. Colu and wallet. Earn and answers. Mycelia, music and smarts contracts. Storj and files. 

Great talk to start  #EXF18.  At Opentrends, we have been working for a long time to connect technology, design and strategy. From our venture builder we look for new ways that connect artificial intelligence with users and brands. We are going to create artificial stupidity.

Mental note: It is a shame that the second one has been like Simpsons Monorail chapter. So bad that I took the time to write this article. Now starts Salvador Valle ?