vehicle using 5G connectivity

How 5G Became the Biggest Enabler of Connected Cars


What is 5G Connectivity in Vehicles?

5G brings increased speed, lower latency, and increased reliability. Thanks to enabling an even faster and more reliable connection between vehicles and other transport systems, the 5G network will offer new application options such as real-time over-the-air (OTA) updates of vehicle software and upgraded infotainment solutions with delay-free and more. 


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Explore deeper what 5G connectivity means for the connected car. Contents in our White Paper:

  • The evolution of the connected car
  • Challenges and outcomes ahead
  • (V2X) Vehicle to Everything ecosystem graphic
  • Mobility as a Service
  • 5G will accelerate a new mobility revolution toward smart and sustainable transport systems
  • What we've done before for automotive OEMs and IoT players



Anselm Bossacoma

Anselm serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Opentrends in the US. He's a serial Entrepreneur and tech Founder, Strategic Advisor, and Investor with 20+ years of experience in the technology, innovation, and investment sectors. He has worked considerably with bilateral trade relations between Catalonia and America. He strives for the solid growth of Opentrends' clients through innovation and technology.