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How to create a user-centric RV ecosystem?


The increasing presence of millennials 

Opentrends has been studying how the increasing presence of millennials alters the whole Recreational Vehicle linear value chain. This blog shows how to add the user to the RV ecosystem and remain user-centric.

  • ‘’How well do you know your end-user?’’
  • ‘’What if the next generation RVs is made by a Silicon Valley startup funded by powerful Venture Capitalists?’'

RV companies are expected to understand the market’s direction and trends, and be able to convert real end-user data into attractive products, in order to scale or retain market share.

The current RV linear value chain lacks continuous feedback, data-driven decisions, and integration. Here's how to apply a user-centric approach:


Proposed RV user-centric value chain infographic by Opentrends


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