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How to create a user-centric RV ecosystem?



The increasing presence of millennials 

Opentrends has been studying how millennials' increasing presence alters the Recreational Vehicle linear value chain. This blog shows how to add the user to the RV ecosystem and remain user-centric.

  • ‘’How well do you know your end-user?’’
  • ‘’What if the next generation RVs are made by a Silicon Valley startup funded by powerful Venture Capitalists?’'

These are some of the questions RV OEMs should be asking. RV companies are expected to understand the market’s direction and trends and be able to convert real end-user data into attractive products, to scale or retain market share.

The current RV linear value chain lacks continuous feedback, data-driven decisions, and integration. Here's how to apply a user-centric approach:


Proposed RV user-centric value chain infographic by Opentrends


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FAQs about user-centric RV ecosystem

Why is it important to create a user-centric RV ecosystem?

The RV industry is changing rapidly, with millennials becoming a major force in the market. These younger consumers have different needs and expectations than previous generations and are looking for more user-friendly and technologically advanced RVs. By creating a user-centric RV ecosystem, RV companies can better meet the needs of these consumers and stay ahead of the competition.

How can the RV industry adapt to the preferences of millennial users in creating a user-centric ecosystem?

To create a user-centric RV ecosystem for millennials, RV companies should focus on understanding the market's direction and trends. By converting real end-user data into attractive products, they can effectively scale their businesses and retain market share.

How can Opentrends' Mobility experts help RV companies embrace a user-centric approach?

Seidor Opentrends' Mobility experts specialize in developing digital assets that can benefit RV companies. By leveraging our automotive and other recreational industries’ expertise, RV companies can gain insights and guidance on creating a user-centric RV ecosystem. Our experts provide valuable IT strategies and tailored software solutions from cloud architecture, connectivity, data platforms to complex software integrations and customer experience (CX).