Smart City Congress 2019 Opentrends

IoT Thingtia returns to Smart City Congress 2019


The IOT cloud based platform will boost your attention and captivate your focus

Opentrends and Thingtia return to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. Thingtia’s open source architecture and easy scalability reduces the dependency on certain technologies, products, and suppliers. 
During the Congress we will reveal Thingtia,  our most ambitious initiative to facilitate Big Data monitoring in cities and industries. Thingtia, an IoT Saas platform based in Sentillo, collects, monitors, analyzes, y administers information generated by sensors and actuators distributed in a city. All based in the cloud. 

Thingtia, with the support of the Venture Builder of Opentrends The Carrot Cake, offers horizontal scalability and the capacity to control in real time from any point, with thousands of sensors and millions of messages. Experience it first hand at Stand 367 at the Smart City Congress. 

More intelligent, more sustainable

Under the motto Cities Made With Dreams, the ninth edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress focuses on five challenges: digital transformation, urban environments, mobility, governance, finance, and models of inclusive and shared cities. 

In this sense, the congress is not only about questions related to technology and security, like Big Data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and data protection. But it also promotes awareness and invites critical reflection around smart city revolutions. 

The Smart Indicator, as presented in the framework of the Smart City Expo World Congress of Barcelona is the first device to measure how technology use transforms the quality of life in urban centers. The Smart Indicator currently monitors 52 Spanish provincial capitals, as well as the city of Sant Cugat del Vallès in Barcelona. 

In short, the Smart City Expo World Congress demonstrates how the future of cities should be built and modified depending on the needs of the people living in them. 

Smart City Congress 2019 Opentrends
Interested in Thingtia?

If you want to incorporate the IoT technology in your business or city, discover our flexible SaaS plans, private dedicated instances or local infrastructure of Thingtia. Find us at stand 367 (Gran Via, Hall 2, Planta 0, Calle C). Contact us to set up a meeting!