Opening our new offices in Kerala


We reinforce our international presence

In order to achieve constant growth, we take a chance on reinforce our international presence, specifically in India. On April 20th we inaugurated our second offices in India, consolidating our expansion in the Asian continent.

The adventure in Kerala started three years ago. At 2015, we were right at the beginning of a new project with a team of 4 people and now, we are almost 60 professionals among developers and engineers.

After years working for growth, we have achieved our results due to our clear commitment to talent, which allows us to address new technological challenges and break into new markets. What makes our second offices in Kerala a reality.

Opentrends keeps growing

Beyond the cultural and geographical distance between Kerala and our city of origin, the inauguration of the new office was an uniting experience.

On behalf of the Barcelona team, the CEO of Opentrends, Juan José Gimenez Sánchez, with our India general manager, Jordi Negrete. Also, moved to the new facilities our Kerala operations director, Eric Mora. 

As a nod to the traditional customs of India, the Nilavilakku oil lamp was lit at the inauguration as a symbol of good luck and prosperity for those new projects that we undertake.

After this, a breakfast meeting was held with all the guests and representatives of the local sector, in order to strengthen ties with businessmen and customers in the area.

Looking back, we see how the opening of this second headquarters in India reaffirms our expansion process. Currently, we have 4 offices around the world, which gives us the advantage of having a strong, powerful international structure, multicultural and varying based on collaboration for offering an efficient and quality service to our customers.