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Opentrends: A Top 10 Connected Car Solution Provider in 2020


Opentrends has recently been selected among the Top 2020 Connected Car Solution Providers for being at the forefront of providing connected car solutions and transforming businesses.


Palo Alto, California, July 31, 2020 – ‘’The key is to give the users a solution aligned with their digital lifestyle. The car must be a channel to connect the user with its context.’’ Those were words Opentrends predicted in 2017 when announcing the development and launch of the first app in the automotive industry supported by CarPlay and Android Auto. Since then, connected vehicles have been going through a fast-paced technological evolution led by IoT, AI and 5G. We have started seeing the great opportunity window for players in the industry and new entrants alike to embrace big data and generate additional revenue streams.


Opentrends Connected Car Award

Auto Tech Outlook - a leading American automotive technology publication, annually singles out 10 companies at the forefront of providing connected car solutions and transforming businesses. Known for featuring senior decision-makers from leading organizations, Auto Tech speaks with Xavi Buscalla, CEO Opentrends Inc. and addresses a number of captivating topics around the current automotive technological trends, along with unveiling key solutions Opentrends has developed for its clients. You can access the full interview here.


This recognition validates years of challenging innovative projects led by Opentrends’ multidisciplinary teams in the automotive industry. Only Opentrends offers a unique blend of proven engineering expertise, strategic thinking, and reliability. Being leaders in IoT and automotive space allows us to provide you with the best-in-class software solutions that meet your business needs. To learn more, visit our mobility services site or follow us on LinkedIn

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