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The survival of the RV industry in a digital world


Opentrends releases ''The Survival of the RV Industry in a Digital World'' white paper for the RVX industry exhibition in Salt Lake City, Utah


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The recreational vehicle industry is adapting brand-new ways of consumption, like many other trades. More than ever, in today’s digital era, companies must develop disruptive strategies to deal with a context of constant change and growing competitiveness. 

SEIDOR Opentrends has reported RV insights for the last two years and has just released this first in-the-industry RV white paper to display opportunities for digitalization. The research is based on deep interviews with key industry leaders who provided direct insights into the current innovation stage.

Learn about current challenges across the industry’s value chain and gain direct insights on how technological tools can be leveraged to know RV companies' end-user, and bring increased efficiency to manufacturing, sales and after-sale processes.

RV White Paper Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Challenges within the RV industry
  • RV industry digitalization opportunities
  • How to apply a user-centric approach
  • Steps to join the digital transformation journey


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RVX 2019 Salt Lake City Exhibition

Opentrends presented "The Survival of the RV Industry in a Digital World" white paper, marking its release for the RVX industry exhibition in Salt Lake City, Utah. Visitors were invited to our booth (1147) to discuss the new digital challenges RVs faced.

Opentrends RVX booth stand where meetings happen