Caelum Labs

We bet on blockchain technology


Opentrends has entered the capital of Caelum Labs, a specialized blockchain development company.

Caelum Labs
Blockchain, an opportunity to facilitate innovation in the market

Caelum Labs has been developing service prototypes for years and contributing to the community. In addition, they are the founders of Alastria, the first blockchain multisectorial network based in Spain. According to Alex Puig, founder and CTO of Caelum Labs, "After the hype, more and more companies are interested in solving problems of efficiency and transparency, knowing that this leads to cost reduction. As a blockchain development company, we help to solve these problems and challenges that the industry raises through the development of this technology. We also have a strong commitment to R&D; actually, blockchain is a very lively technology that evolves at an immense speed, with a huge innovation component".

Caelum Labs

This operation is part of Opentrends' strategy to expand its service portfolio with emerging technology proposals through its venture builder, The Carrot Cake. The Opentrends venture builder includes recently created B2B companies specializing in innovative technologies, including IoT, chatbots, cybersecurity, post-quantum security and now, blockchain as well.

For Caelum Labs, the new alliance will provide greater capacity for relationship with customers at the business level as well as the possibility of offering integrated solutions.

Caelum Labs

For Opentrends, the blockchain technology will offer decentralized solutions to its customers with the level of automation, transparency and security that this new technology provides. We are convinced that the idea of ​​a distributed ledger can be relevant in many different fields for our clients.

For example, in the case of large financial or insurance institutions, it will facilitate the automatic transfer of funds once the stipulated criteria are met. For the final clients, this new Internet of Value will not only mean an increase in satisfaction thanks to the efficiency in the procedures, but they will have a greater capacity of control over who accesses their own data, much more transparent access to the supply chain of the products they consume and, in a not too distant future, they will be able to sell and buy energy tokens in the blockchain with other prosumers of solar energy.

For all these reasons, the blockchain technology has all the elements to be the next technological revolution after the Internet.