AWS Summit

We lead the transformation to the Cloud


Fira de Barcelona presents our project at the AWS Summit 2018

The AWS Summit Madrid, the most important Cloud Computing event in Europe, highlights the spectacular growth of this industry, which is no longer limited to cloud infrastructure. The Amazon CTO Werstand outner Vogels summed it up by saying: "Those days are long gone".

At Opentrends we were present at the event along with Fira de Barcelona. His Delivery Director/CISO, Ismael Ligero, presented during the AWS Summit the successful transformation to the Cloud led by Opentrends.

Ismael Ligero highlighted several key aspects of the Fira de Barcelona cloud transformation: accelerating the time-to-market, adjusting operating costs and providing high availability service before huge peaks of competition in very critical periods of time (without going any further, the MWC is more than 100,000 users around the world concentrated in just 4 days).

Another achievement  by Opentrends Architecture team, is the improvement of efficiency, avoiding the oversizing of the infrastructure and paying only for real use. Undoubtedly, the Opentrends Architecture area has authentic legends of the Cloud.

Amazing Costs Saving

The cost savings charts presented by Fira de Barcelona as a result of the work of Opentrends, stand out from the rest. It revealed an 81% reduction in cost compared to the initial on-premise scenario. This savings improves the initial estimation of the AWS TCO calculation tool by more than 34%. In summary, some graphics and numbers that fell in love with the public.

Service improvement

Overcoming challenges from clients such as Fira de Barcelona, which organizes and provide services to more than 50 events with international visibility, is something that Ismael Ligero highlighted at the AWS Summit. At Opentrends we have made this possible due to a service model and a Cloud architecture designed by us: it is scalable, it takes advantage of all the potential PaaS of AWS: ELB, S3, CloudFront, Gateway API, ECS, RDS, Lambda, CloudWatch, ElasticSearch, ElastiCache, Kinesis, RedShift, VPC, OpsWorks, CloudTrail, CloudFormation, Athena, QuickSight...

All these Cloud technology services would not provide value or improve the service to users and customers alone without the differential factor of Opentrends: we offer flexibility to give the best service to the personalized needs of exhibitors and visitors, we adapt in an agile way to the needs and we innovate in mission critical architectures, such as Fira de Barcelona.

Cloud is everything

Currently, Cloud (and specifically AWS) not only involves IaaS, PaaS, Serverless, DevOps, Big Data & Analytics, but also advanced services in the cloud for Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, SageMaker, Lex, Comprehend ...), the recognition of images (Rekognition), the Virtual and Augmented Reality (Sumerian), Internet of Things (IoT) and even cloud services for Connected Car, all of them areas of innovation in which Opentrends provides great differential value.