AWS+Opentrends: an strategic alliance

December 13 2018
AWS invites us to hold a conference at its facilities in Madrid

Opentrends CEO and the business development team have explained our vision and capabilities in the cloud to AWS management and commercial directives. 

AWS+Opentrends: an strategic alliance

En la imagen:, Juan José Giménez, CEO de Opentrends, junto al Country Manager de AWS Iberia, Miguel Alava.

Our vision

At Opentrends we are convinced that cloud is a key factor for companies to prosper in today's competitive scenario. More than ever, in today's digital world, companies must develop future strategies to deal with an context of constant change and growing competitiveness. Thanks to the cloud, nowadays there is the opportunity to convert software assets, traditionally considered as a cost, into a source of sustainable competitive advantage for companies.

Opentrends focus in the cloud is not only reduce costs by transforming capex to opex, but also enhance the agility and innovation capabilities of our customers. We turn cloud strategy into results that go beyond a practical approach. We help companies develop flexible and future-proof cloud scenarios to adapt to constant change, foster innovation and generate competitiveness.

AWS+Opentrends: an strategic alliance
Opentrends cloud services
  • A Strategy Framework that feeds the improvement of the service and reduces the cost of ownership.
  • Cloud-native development designed for reusability and efficiency.
  • Migration in the cloud based on proven tools, automation and best practices
  • Security improvement services in the cloud to protect, detect and react to threats.
  • Cloud Operations Management and optimization services.

At Opentrends we have the knowledge and expertise needed to make it happen, based on a success history in multiple clients. Contact us to get more information about Opentrends cloud services.