Hubtype's potential is again valued by investors

May 22 2019

Great news for Hubtype, the first startup created and founded by Opentrends and its venture builder, The Carrot Cake. It has closed a financing round of 1.1 million euros this May led by K Fund. This VC investment company, based in Madrid, boosts the evolution of emerging companies in Spain, according to Techcrunch. Opentrends and The Carrot Cake are still part of their shareholders.

Hubtype is an emerging company based in Barcelona which helps building and scaling conversational messaging experiences also known as messaging interfaces, which go beyond conventional boots, with tools focused on customer service. In this way, it provides interactions with added value. With this new financial boost, the company will promote additional developments in its framework, including AI's capabilities, among other objectives.

Also, it is not the first time that the company stands out among investors. The startup already received a first funding just in its beginnings and since then has a rate of growth of 300% per year. Its potential is unstoppable and it shows the important acknowledgments it has received in a short time, like in 2018, when was recognized as the best startup in chatbot at the International Chatbot Summit in Berlin.

Hubtype Opentrends

Large companies like Massimo Dutti already use Hubtype to improve customer service through Webchat, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. In addition, it has positioned as a provider that offers multichannel conversational experiences, so versatile that allow management of several processes, from customer service to sales.
In fact, the startup is a provider of WhatsApp, the instant messaging application used by more than 1500 million people in more than 180 countries, which it provides with a combination of automation and human agents.

Conversational assistants that Hubtype produces are products that bring together the best technologies: they retain the best part of conventional chats, elements of graphical interfaces, artificial intelligence, conversational extensions or human agents. On the other hand, they allow the integration with APIs, NLP services, CRM systems and other necessary elements for companies that offer great user experiences.