SEIDOR Opentrends Launches Cloud AI Services for Businesses

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June 4 2024


SEIDOR Opentrends launches Cloud AI services, providing businesses with a strategic approach to AI implementation, from assessment to ongoing support.

  • SEIDOR Opentrends understands that one size doesn’t fit all regarding AI, and may not always deliver optimal results. That’s why their Cloud AI services are tailored to your business, ensuring seamless integration, error prevention, and maximum efficiency. This customization also allows for AI adoption in highly secure contexts, meeting strict compliance requirements.
  • SEIDOR Opentrends accelerates your journey to AI adoption by leveraging pre-trained models from leading cloud providers. Their comprehensive services guide you from strategy development and readiness assessment to successful implementation and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth transition to AI integration.



PALO ALTO, Calif. – April 23, 2024 – SEIDOR Opentrends, a leading digital transformation consultancy and custom software development company, announces the launch of its innovative Cloud AI services to accelerate digital transformation for businesses of all scales.

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations constantly seek avenues to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. With SEIDOR Opentrends' Cloud AI services, businesses can identify near-term opportunities and projects to apply artificial intelligence (AI), ensuring they meet user and customer needs and outperform their peers.

By leveraging major cloud providers' pre-trained AI models, SEIDOR Opentrends ensures rapid AI adoption, from strategy and readiness assessment to implementation and ongoing support. This comprehensive approach includes customizing AI tools to ensure efficiency and prevent errors, which is crucial for adding value to the company.

"We understand AI’s rapid advancements and the importance of strategic planning to maximize its potential," said Xavi Buscallà, CEO at Opentrends Inc. "Our expertise in integrating AI into business processes guarantees a seamless transition and optimal utilization of AI capabilities, transforming data into a strategic asset."

SEIDOR Opentrends has already deployed customized Generative AI projects in various client environments, delivering tangible business outcomes across industries, from pharmaceutical insights to self-service laundromats and logistics optimization.

Additionally, SEIDOR Opentrends offers a free AI self-assessment template for companies to kickstart their AI journey and gain insights into their AI readiness and potential areas for improvement.

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