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The Ultimate Guide to RVing While Working Remotely

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The ever sought after work-life balance can now be reimagined as the work-fun balance. As we described recently in our article this summer provides the perfect opportunity to experience the U.S. in ways that only a few have.

Due to COVID-19-related restrictions, traditional summer vacations that entail mass gatherings may not be practical while maintaining a good level of physical distancing. Visiting the Great American Outdoors (GAO) is perhaps the most viable and appropriate destination. 

As we know, many are newcomers to the RV world. Opentrends has compiled a practical guide for those who have the privilege to work remotely full-time, and are thinking of traveling this summer. Here we unlock all key aspects you’ll need to get started: how to find a destination, choose the right RV, how to stay connected, and general practical tips.


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