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How Generative AI Is Transforming Digital Content Services

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Preparing Your Data and Infrastructure for Generative AI Digital Transformation

The global digital content services industry is worth an estimated $400 billion (Technavio, 2021). This demand is primarily driven by factors such as the rapid growth of the internet, the widespread use of mobile devices, and the increasing popularity of streaming services.

In a recent live session, experts from SEIDOR Opentrends US and Frost & Sullivan America came together to discuss the future of digital content services. Topics addressed include Generative AI (GenAI)

  • reshaping the content creation and delivery landscape
  • solutions replacing traditional workflows
  • limitations and growth opportunities for enterprise productivity
  • opportunities to leverage data output for enhanced product design, including examples of Nike, Tesla and more

GenAI is a type of machine learning that uses algorithms to create new data from existing information. It has gained significant interest in the past two years given its ability to help companies complete various tasks, such as creating images, text or code, predicting outcomes, and recommending products. When given a prompt, GenAI uses this statistical model to predict an expected response, generating new content. However, the accuracy of GenAI results can vary based on the question asked and how it is prompted. The responses can differ significantly even when the same question is posed to different GenAI models.
GenAI today is imperfect and still experimental, but it is valuable to solve certain use cases and enterprises should evaluate its implementation and be aware of its limitations.

To work effectively with GenAI models, businesses must prioritize knowing the data, understanding the sources, and seeking multiple responses to correlate a complete answer.


‘’To the writers, entertainers, and artists, don't worry. There is plenty of jobs for you. We've been using AI to create the great music we enjoy today. I’ve yet not seen people not going to concerts, not listening to music, or artists performing. At this point, we're not anywhere near to being substituted by machines.’’ Anselm Bossacoma, CSO Opentrends Inc




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